About Us

We are an all-inclusive training facility designed to provide the highest quality workout while educating and enhancing our clients awareness of the importance of strength training for optimal performance and injury prevention.  With backgrounds in strength training, injury rehab, and athletic coaching we provide top of the line instruction in a fully equipped training facility.


Our Story

The Vault is a culmination of decades of experience in the fitness industry. Through my time coaching and eventually personal training and leading group classes I found myself loving the industry and what i was able to do for people. What I could lead them to achieve and the tools i could give them to help them reach their goals. I continued to pursue education from all over the country and tried to pull something from every knowledgeable individual in the industry, and our gym is the result of that knowledge.
We have equipped our gym with tools that we know are beneficial to any individual that walks through our door. Whether your goals are strength, weight loss, moving better, or athletic performance I'm confident that we can help you here.


1009 Commercial Drive Tallahassee FL United States 32303

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